Our volunteers are generous, committed and caring.  They bring experience, talent, resourcefulness and innovative ways of thinking into all situations.
We are always looking for volunteers who can commit to at least 20 hours a month to helping others.  Friendly visiting, senior home repairs, rides, office work, organizing supplies…well, the list goes on, but you are free to develop your many skills in bettering our community.

Join us!
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Yvonne Baginski, Founder

Yvonne Baginski

Marta Amaton, STC, President

Marta Amaton

Board of Directors,
Bob Nations, CF0

Bob Nations

Board of Directors,
Chief Financial Officer
Becky Givens, Secretary

Becky Givens

Board of Directors,
Karin Argoud Morrisey, Manger

Karin Argoud Morrisey

Development Manager

Sandra Oliva

Executive Director

Kirsten Gravatt

Programs Assistant