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The smallest bit of help can sometimes make the biggest impact. If you can help us, please do.

COVID-19 has shocked us into a new reality.  For those over age 65, the last five months have proven particularly challenging.  Not only are we asked to shelter in place, but if there’s a fall or other healthcare crisis, we worry about not only going to the hospital, but how quickly we can return home.   We might need to avoid moving into congregate care facilities, and many families are looking at alternative arrangements at home.

We at Share the Care have been giving away hundreds of pieces of medical equipment and home health supplies while working with families to modify their homes so older loved ones can be safe at home. We have installed grab bars, built ramps, fixed rails, made home safety assessments and countless recommendations. We’ve helped find caregivers, complete forms, advocate for care and mostly guided our community along the safest path for caring for someone at home.

But we need to raise money, about $10,000, to stay open through the rest of the year.  As a nonprofit, we’ve been hit hard with an increased demand for services and shrinking opportunities for fundraising.

This month we were invited to join the Travis Credit Union Foundation’s Community Funding Initiative.  This means that Travis Credit Union will match every dollar you donate to Share the Care. What a wonderful gift for all of us!  Your money will go twice as far!  The Travis Credit Union fund will match up to $20,000.  

You can go online to, choose Share the Care Napa Valley under the section for Napa County and donate directly on their website today through September 30th.

Share the Care is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit agency. Many people calling us don’t drive anymore, or can’t get out of the house without help. Some can’t afford to pay their bills. Others have to move and have no one to help them. We aren’t limited to any one service, and we certainly can’t do everything.  But, we know that the smallest bit of help can sometimes make the biggest impact. If you can help us, please do.

If you can’t go online, you can send in a check to:
Share the Care
3205 Montclair Ave.
Napa, CA 94558

Thank you.

Yvonne Baginski, Executive Director
Share the Care Napa Valley