WE are Ambassadors of Care, helping older adults identify and solve problems, make connections and do what is necessary to live safely at home.  WE advocate, provide information, resources and referrals.  WE also provide FREE medical equipment and home health supplies with our recycling and exchange program, dental care funding, Friendly Visitors, Rides,  Home and Well-Being Assessments, Care Management, help with paperwork and Crisis Management. 

Our professionals and volunteers are there for you over time.
We build relationships.


Wonder where to go?  What to do?  How to do it?

We can help.

Our staff visits you at home and we talk about your situation to help you make the best decisions for what you need.

We review all options and possibilities.


Filling out forms, planning care, calling your doctor, friendly visiting, grocery pickup and delivery, mail management and paperwork, activities – and whatever else that may be needed.

We walk with you through the toughest parts of life.

Our Dental program helps people pay for new dentures. And, we collect and give away hearing aids for people in need.


Immediate referrals to the right program, service or business who can help with exactly what you need.

We do not accept kickbacks or referral fees from anybody we refer to.


You are not alone.

Share the Care volunteers advocate for your care and support you wherever we can.  We help you with finding benefits, raising money, reporting unfair practice, elder abuse, finding long-lost family, organizing sales.

We can be your voice when you feel vulnerable and alone.