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Share The Care Napa Valley Grows into New Role During Covid Crisis

People don’t want to go into nursing homes, or any congregate living situation right now. And, who can blame them? As COVID sweeps through facilities, it is impossible to keep everyone safe. Staying home might be a better alternative. To stay home, people need to be outfitted with the right supplies and equipment. We know, because lots of people have been showing up at the front porch every day.

Just this last month, we have given away more than 35 walkers, commodes and wheelchairs. And, countless underpads, adult diapers, wound care supplies, etc. Everything is free. We are overflowing with colostomy, urostomy and ostomy supplies … every brand and number. If you need anything, check with us, first.

Our Stop Falls Napa Valley program is going strong. We send out an Occupational Therapist, Robin Stearns, to make a home safety assessment, and then follow her instructions with grab bars, ramps, railings and other modifications made by our licensed handyman, Bob Waldear. Anyone can make a referral to this program: Call us at 492-3198.

The home environment is important for the health and safety of our older people, and Share the Care also can help with downsizing, organizing and moving. Share the Care can also help find caregivers and other ancillary services. Director, Yvonne Baginski, has over 35 years experience in advocacy, planning and consulting on long-term care strategies for families. She spends a lot of time on the phone working through problems and finding solutions. And, if she can’t help, she’ll find someone who can.

Our volunteer program has been discontinued. This isn’t a great time to be going into people’s homes, nor taking anyone out on rides. We are happy to talk on the phone, or make an assessment masked and outdoors.

Right now, on the 3205 Montclair Ave front porch, we have lots of free masks, too. Thanks to Liz Allesio, and her mask-making sewists, we are able give away masks without charge to anyone in need. Along with masks, we frequently get clothing and household items dropped off … so, if you drop by the porch, you’ll be surprised by what you might find.