Volunteers and donations are crucial to our program.  Get involved today!

By joining us, you can bring about critical change for your neighbors and friends. Share the Care Friendly Visiting volunteers make home visits, take people out to lunch/movies or other social activities, help with moving, grocery shopping and rides, make home repairs, help with paperwork and read to people with low vision.

In-Kind Donations accepted of gently used, clean medical equipment and supplies. No medications accepted.

Did you know that you can donate your car?  Click here to donate your car.

Make a positive difference in your life and the life of your community!

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  • Friendly Visitor

  • Inventory Control
    (for medical and home health supplies)

  • Board of Directors

  • Office Support

  • Event Planning

  • Fundraising

  • Public Relations

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Why Does Share the Care Get Involved?

There are many reasons; here are just a few:

  • People fall.
  • People need benefits, but don’t know how to get them.
  • People can’t get their animals to the vet for care.
  • People need medical equipment, home health supplies and someone to talk to.
  • People need forms filled out, an Advance Directive, and plans for living / dying finalized.
  • People can’t pay their bills, or forget whether they did.
  • Eyesight limits mean reading, driving and writing are more difficult.
  • Grief from loss is impeding ability to live a daily, fulfilling life.
  • People are using medications that interact and cause confusion, sleepiness and falls.
  • People stop wearing shoes because their toenails have gotten too long.